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    • Cozumpark Logo

      GFI FaxMaker awarded 5 stars

      Popular Turkish IT site Cozumpark reviews GFI FaxMaker and awards it 5 stars - Cozumpark

    • MSExchange Readers Choice Winner

      GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP voted MSExchange.org Reader's Choice Award Winner

      GFI FaxMaker for Exchange/SMTP was selected the winner in the Fax Connector category of the MSExchange.org Readers' Choice Awards - MSExchange.org

    • brighthub.gif

      GFI FaxMaker: Solid product

      GFI FaxMaker is described as a solid product that satisfies the need businesses have for fax integration, "and provides all the features needed to work in almost any business environment", in a review on Brighthub.-

    • exchangeexchange_logo.gif

      GFI FaxMaker: An easy recommendation

      In a review on ExchangeExchange.com, Joe Stidley says “GFI FaxMaker should definitely be considered if your company is looking to use an Exchange-based FAX server. The ease of configuration, excellent documentation and mature product, all make it an easy recommendation”. - Exchange exchange

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    • logo-mse.gif

      GFI FAXmaker wins Readers Choice Award

      GFI FAXmaker, the leading fax server solution, has placed first runner-up in the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Award in the Exchange Fax Connector category. The Reader's Choice Awards give visitors to the MSExchange.org site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category. - MSExchange.org

    • messagingtalk-logo.gif

      4 stars out of 5 for GFI FAXmaker

      In a review on Messagingtalk.org, Shaji Firoz highly recommends GFI FaxMaker for its easy-of-use, configuration and administration, great user support and price. He says that businesses making considerable use of faxes will see substantial money savings when GFI FaxMaker for Exchange is installed. He rates the product 4 out of 5 stars. -messagingtalk.org

    • MSExchange Readers Choice Winner

      GFI FAXmaker again voted top of Fax Connectors category

      MSExchange.org readers vote GFI FAXmaker as the winner in the in the ‘Fax Connectors’ category of the Readers’ Choice Awards for the third year running. - MSExchange.org

    • mse_rce.gif

      GFI FAXmaker wins Fax Connectors Readers' Choice Award

      MSExchange.org readers voted GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP as the winner in the Fax Connectors category of the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Awards for the second year running. - MSExchange.org

    • cio_logo.gif

      Technology which turns faxes into emails

      In an article in Computerworld about the death of the fax machine Siobhan McBride describes how the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority has put into practice a program designed to “eliminate paper faxes from the organization's administrative process, enabling it to scrap every fax machine it owned - all 42 of them”. This was made possible thanks to GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP; this network fax server was described as a “set-and-forget installation”. The author explained how Foreshore Authority IM and T manager Virginia Orr believes that “the new technology is now really taking off, in particular with the events unit which relies on fax to conduct much of its correspondence and approvals in addition to fax-merges". - Computerworld

    • ms_exchange_gold.gif

      Gold award for GFI FAXmaker

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP was awarded 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 by the Exchange resource site MSExchange.org. In a review for the site, Brien Posey awarded named the product "a solid product" and gave it the gold award. "Faxmaker is a full featured product which turned out to be much more than I expected,” he wrote. "The software is designed in a way that does not require modifying or extending Active Directory schema". "Two other features worth mentioning are the fax filtering and archiving features". The reviewer also states that through GFI FAXmaker sending faxes is simple: "Anything that can be printed can also be faxed". - MSExchange.org

    • NWC_logo.gif

      An A-grade affordable, mature solution

      Sean Doherty tested a number of fax servers currently on the market for a review in Network Computing. He awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP an A grade as it tied in first place scoring 4.63 out of a possible 5. The reviewer noted that the product was "the fastest out-of-the-box faxer to let domain users’ fax using Exchange. It also had the lowest price". He also observed that "GFI FAXmaker tightly integrates with AD and Exchange and provides a full suite of features". According to the reviewer, it also "took less time to install and configure than any other product". Another useful feature is the fact that “the package also lets you archive sent and received faxes to a Microsoft Access database on a network share”. - Network Computing

    • mse_rce.gif

      GFI FAXmaker wins Readers' Choice Award in the 'Fax Connector for Exchange' category

      MSExchange.org readers voted GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP as a winner in the fax connector category of the site's Readers' Choice Awards. - MSExchange.org

    • Win IT Pro Readers Choice

      GFI FAXmaker wins Readers' Choice Award as Best Fax Server

      Windows IT Pro (formerly Windows and .NET Magazine) readers voted for GFI FAXmaker for Exchange as the Best Fax Server in the publication's Choice Awards for the third consecutive year. Read the complete review (PDF format). - Windows IT Pro

    • Com Solutions POTY 2003

      Product of the Year 2003

      Technology Marketing Corporation’s Communications Solutions Magazine named GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 11 as a Product of the Year winner for 2003. - Communications Solutions Magazine

    • winandnet_rc2003.gif

      GFI FAXmaker wins Readers' Choice Award as Best Fax Server

      Windows and .NET Magazine readers voted for GFI FAXmaker for Exchange as the Best Fax Server in the Windows and .NET Magazine Readers' Choice Awards for the second consecutive year. Read the complete review (PDF format). - Windows and .NET Magazine

    • techxnybos_2003.gif

      GFI FAXmaker named TECHXNY 2003 Best of Show finalist

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 10 was named Best of Show finalist at TECHXNY 2003. GFI FAXmaker was a finalist in the Best Infrastructure Product category, which was presented by Intelligent Enterprise. - TECHXNY

    • shareup_logo.gif

      5 stars for GFI FAXmaker for Exchange

      Shareup.com, the popular site for shareware and freeware downloads, has awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange five stars, the topmost score. - Shareup.com

    • dotnet_RC2003

      GFI FAXmaker voted Readers' Choice as Best Communication/Collaboration Solution

      .NET Magazine readers selected GFI FAXmaker for Exchange as the Best Communication/Collaboration Solution in the publications' first ever Reader’s Choice Awards. - .NET Magazine

    • ukwares.gif

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange awarded

      UKwares.com, the UK’s leading shareware and freeware software download library, awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange the topmost score of five stars. - UKwares.com

    • filehungry.gif

      Top rating for GFI FAXmaker for Exchange

      FileHungry.com, the resource center for top rated shareware and freeware, awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange five stars, the highest rating possible. - FileHungry.com

    • webattacklogo_stars.gif

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange awarded 5 stars

      WebAttack.com, the popular site for Internet and system tools, has awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange five stars, the topmost score. - WebAttack.com

    • PC Kurier 2002

      Product of the Year 2002

      Poland's leading IT magazine, PC Kurier has selected GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 10 as product of the year in the network software category. - PC Kurier

    • ms_exchange_gold.gif

      Gold award for GFI FAXmaker

      The Exchange site MSExchange.org awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange five stars. In a review for the site, Dan DiNicolo gave the product top marks and wrote: "After thoroughly testing GFI FAXmaker for Exchange, my feeling is that GFI Software has again hit the nail on the head when it comes to developing useful, cost-effective applications that will ultimately save companies time, effort, and money." - MSExchange.org

    • Readers Choice 2002

      GFI FAXmaker voted Readers' Choice as Best Fax Server

      Windows and .NET Magazine readers selected GFI FAXmaker for Exchange as winner of the Best Fax Servers category in the Windows and .NET Magazine Readers' Choice Awards - Windows and .NET Magazine

    • titleofthemonth.gif

      GFI FAXmaker named Communications Title of the Month

      Networkingfiles.com has named GFI FAXmaker for Exchange the Communications Title of the Month, after extensively reviewing, testing and researching the product. - Networkingfiles.com

    • softlandmark.gif

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 9 named Editor's Choice

      SoftLandmark, a top download site, has awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 9 five stars and named it Editor's Pick, describing the product as "the leading fax server for Microsoft Exchange 5.5/2000". - SoftLandmark

    • internettele_poty2000_2.gif

      Product of the Year 2000

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange won the 'Product of the Year 2000' Award. - Internet Telephony Magazine

    • swatchlogo-mini.gif

      Five stars for GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 8

      GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 8 was awarded the highest score - 5 stars - by Internet.com's ServerWatch, which described the product as "a useful addition to any Internet server running in an office where faxes are a daily necessity" and "an upgrade that's worth the download". - ServerWatch

    • fusion2000.gif

      Microsoft Packaged Application Partner of the Year award

      GFI has been named the Microsoft Fusion 2000 (GEM) Package Application Partner of the Year. This prestigious award was granted to GFI on the basis of the business value that the company's fax server, GFI FAXmaker for Exchange delivers to the customer. - Microsoft Fusion

    • 99weblogo2.gif

      GFI FAXmaker is easy to use, administer and install

      Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine was impressed with GFI FAXmaker, referring to its "simplicity of faxing administration and ease of use and installation" in a review entitled "Fax Magic". The article said: "The documentation comes on the CD and the company's technical support is excellent". The reviewer added: "One of GFI FAXmaker's strengths is its integration with Exchange Server. It does this using an Exchange connector. GFI FAXmaker leverages existing Exchange mailboxes (and, therefore, Windows NT accounts) by allowing you to specify which mailbox is allowed to send and receive faxes. Sending a fax from Microsoft Outlook is just as easy." - MCP Magazine

    • ntware_logo.gif

      Five-star rating for GFI FAXmaker for Exchange from NTWare

      NTWare.com has awarded GFI FAXmaker for Exchange five stars. The site is aimed at Windows NT users and aims to offer access to all NT software that is available publicly. - NTware.com

    • win2kmag.gif

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange "is a bargain"

      "GFI FAXmaker integrates seamlessly into your Exchange Server environment and lets you send and receive faxes directly from your Exchange Server or Microsoft Outlook client software. Installation and setup are straightforward... The product's LCR capabilities are excellent... The product's line-balancing feature is also excellent. The feature uses outbound-only lines during times of light traffic and both inbound and outbound channels as needed during periods of peak activity... GFI FAXmaker is a bargain." - Windows 2000 Magazine

    • internettele_poty1999.gif

      Product of the Year 1999

      Internet Telephony Magazine honored GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP with the 1999 Product of the Year award. - Internet Telephony Magazine

    • comsolutions_poty1999_2.gif

      Product of the Year 1999

      Communications Solutions found GFI FAXmaker for Exchange to be "outstanding" and named it Product of the Year. - Communications Solutions

    • cti_editorschoice1999_2.gif

      GFI FAXmaker awarded Editor's Choice 1999

      "As a straightforward application for faxing from a workstation on a network, GFI FAXmaker is an excellent choice... The ease of use for both the administrator and the end user can't be improved upon... But the strongest argument for installing GFI FAXmaker on your network would be its ability to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook..." - CTI Magazine

    • pcpluslogo.gif

      GFI FAXmaker scores 8 out of 10

      "GFI FAXmaker is an interesting suite of network fax tools. The network and SMTP email features mean you can use them with most network and SMTP email systems, or any client operating system for the email option. The development features are also a powerful way of building fax into your groupware or workflow applications". - PC Plus Magazine

    • ntlogo_blue.gif

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 6.0 earns enthusiastic review

      Windows NT (NL) magazine examined the latest version of GFI FAXmaker for Exchange and gave it an enthusiastic review, finding it to be "a perfect example of simplicity". - Windows NT Magazine (NL)

    • cti_poty1998_2.gif

      Product of the Year 1998

      CTI Magazine presented GFI FAXmaker for Exchange with the prestigious 'Product of the Year 1998' award. - CTI Magazine

    • iw_logo.gif

      InfoWorld gives GFI FAXmaker "very good" rating

      In a review of GFI FAXmaker for Exchange, InfoWorld found GFI FAXmaker to offer "a smoothly integrated fax server solution for Exchange Server, filling in important gaps in hardware support. It also makes broadcast faxing easier for end-users". The article also noted that GFI FAXmaker is "very easy to install and configure; offers broader hardware support; tightly integrated with Exchange and Outlook." - InfoWorld Magazine

    • ntmaglab.jpg

      GFI FAXmaker for Exchange integrates smoothly with Exchange

      "Installing and setting up GFI FAXmaker is virtually automatic. GFI FAXmaker is a premium solution I would consider for my business." - Windows NT Magazine

    • pcpluslogo.gif

      A good fit with Exchange

      "GFI FAXmaker is a good fit with Exchange, and if you want to use faxes with Exchange then GFI FAXmaker is a good place to start. Once GFI FAXmaker is installed, you won't know that its there. It fits in really well with Exchange and NT and can be managed very simply and easily from within Exchange." - PC Plus Magazine

    • backoffice.gif

      "Easy to install, maintain and work with"

      "Its operation with Microsoft Exchange Server is virtually seamless. GFI FAXmaker installed itself with the ability to natively handle Microsoft's fax address type. This is something that few of the packages that we have looked at so far do. The big advantage of this is that users sending faxes from the Outlook and Exchange clients do not have to specify a new type of address in order to send out a fax... GFI FAXmaker has a strapping array of configurable user settings." - Backoffice Magazine

    • iw_logo.gif

      A host of thoughtful features makes GFI FAXmaker's integration with email especially smooth

      "It's a snap, for example, to use GFI FAXmaker's annotation tools to mark up a received fax and then resend it to another person. The program even provides a converter for translating file attachments into fax format." - InfoWorld Magazine

    • shopperlogo.gif

      "An excellent fax server solution"

      "GFI FAXmaker is an excellent fax server solution for Windows NT, if you require direct integration with Exchange server. Whereas Zetafax is only close to incorporating an email gateway, GFI FAXmaker has been able to achieve this for quite some time now." - Computer Shopper

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